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Telecom is a big world of complex products and endless solutions, where getting lost can happen more often than not.

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Carriers Group has the industry knowledge, technical resources and partner relationships to help your enterprise thrive.


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Data Centers

Business Voice

Let your voice carrier offer you the best solution for your business whether you utilize legacy systems or the latest in technology. With unlimited customizable advanced features and programming, help your employees work smarter not harder. Streamline telecommunications with offerings such as Hosted PBX, and your employees can become more productive, efficient and reachable regardless of work location nationwide – get it from one service provider, all on one monthly bill.

Phone Service
  • Cloud PBX
  • Call Centers
  • SIP Trunks
  • PRI Trunks
  • Analog Voice T1
  • POTS Lines

Enterprise Data

Fiber Optics is today’s cutting edge technology for delivering voice and data services to all major commerical networks including Banks, Hospitals, School Districs etc. With virtually no bandwidth limitations, Fiber Optics is the industry benchmark for robust, premium, reliable network data delivery. Don’t let high construction costs deter you from getting the speed you need. Contact us to learn how working with a high volume agency can help bring your fiber buildout costs to virtually zero so you can enjoy high capacity data delivery on the most reliable technology available.

Business Internet
  • Dedicated Internet
  • Broadband Internet
  • Fiber Optics
  • Metro Ethernet
  • T1
  • Fixed Wireless

Cloud Solutions

In today’s virtual world, securing your data and other sensitive material is paramount. Part of any solid disaster recovery and security initiative, business’ require secure, accessible and available offsite real estate to house its many data servers and telephony equipment – what better place than a data center? We partner with hundreds of carriers, service providers as well as cloud and security based companies that offer SSAE16- compliant data centers and colocation facilities across the globe.

Multisite Networks
  • MPLS (Layer 3)
  • VPLS (Layer 2)
  • Point-to-Point
  • SD-WAN
  • VPN
  • Colocation

More Products

Now you can stay focused on your business, and not on your business communication systems. From new office phones to other auxiliary services, it’s now easier than ever to get the latest and the greatest. Companies are providing better-than-ever intelligent managed backup and disaster recovery solutions in the market today. Whether you are fully virtualized or using physical servers, these solutions will smooth out the continuity issues often left by missing, outdated, poorly supported, and otherwise inadequate backup systems.

More Products
  • New Desk Phones
  • Managed Routers
  • Wireless Failover
  • Virtual Faxes
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Office 365
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